Assessment Updates

The LANL Damage Assessment Plan

The LANL Final Damage Assessment Plan was finalized April 30, 2014 and presents the assessment activities the LANL Natural Resource Trustee Council intends to conduct in order to assess injuries and service losses to natural resources in and around LANL, and to plan restoration of injured resources.

Assessment activities in the LANL Damage Assessment Plan (described in Chapter 6 of the Plan) include:

  • Analysis of existing contaminant concentration data,
  • Assessment of potential Pueblo losses,
  • Terrestrial, aquatic, geological, and groundwater analyses, and
  • Efforts to identify and scale restoration actions.

Implementation of the LANL Damage Assessment Plan

The Trustee Council is currently implementing the LANL Damage Assessment Plan and began by prioritizing an initial set of assessment activities, many of which are ongoing:

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